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As i consider my life & practice on my 40th birthday, i think about what it means to be me more than how long i’ve been living. i think more about the things that have shaped me, what i have inherited, things i am  lucky to have, and when it’s all done being pondered, that “me” doing all the sifting and sorting is who i am. A consciousness – a sense of self closely identified with what i see in the mirror. Then there’s the me that has chosen to use the lowercase “i” to celebrate the we over the individual, which cannot be contained nor reflected by any mirror. What is a bite-sized way to sum up so many considerations in a simple and clean way? i would say i am my community.

While typing this, i received a call from a referral who needs a photographer for a Holiday event in December. Great! What gets my psyched the most is not the potential for profit but being at a joyous occasion, meeting new people, and being grateful that someone had a good enough experience with me to pass my number on to someone else.

It’s great to be 40 or as my friend Emmai penned it – Kamau 4.0. My aunt Jeanne told me that since i’m 40, i have to celebrate for two weeks vs. the customary one week. That’s fine by me. This means, i’ll be reaching out to you and others who give my life it’s richness and bless me with their presence and sincerity. That includes lifelong friends like my man KzA and Aki, my wife Lesley, and people who encourage me to get up and exercise like Jason and Chenits. i could go on and bore you all with more names and scenarios….

Life is summed up by events and memories. i feel lucky that my profession as a visual storyteller – photographer, curator, and teacher; that i am constantly enriched by others stories which in turn makes me appreciate my own stories even more. It feels good to have 40 years of memories to consider and i hope and pray for more meaningful years to come.

with heart,


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