Portrait In Parts

What is a portrait? i asked myself the question before beginning a photography project in 2010. With the cooperation of my then fiancee, four friends, and two new acquaintances, i explored this idea by taking their portrait without revealing their face. The rest is history for people who know my work because i have had two iterations of the Portrait in Parts project. The first is represented in the digital book that was completed in December 2010, which was shot entirely with a digital camera.

You may have noticed my passion for analog photography so you can imagine after being very pleased with the results of this first digital book, i wanted to return to familiar and new subjects and explore with film. The monochrome images presented here represent where this work is going next. The next digital book from this series, Portrait In Parts II, will feature a combination of digital and film that plays on the tension between individuality and universality when narrating the human form.



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