Fearless Mixtape

Fearless Mixtape v. INow in iTunes

Fear is not my friend. i may get anxious from time to time but i have rarely seen people in fear produce good results. This is a conversation i’m happy to have with anyone, so don’t be afraid to bring it up if you seem me 😉

What i have noticed brings good results is collaboration. Collaboration is my friend and the only thing i enjoy more than collaboration is my peeps. You see where this is going? Last July when i moved into my studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn. i started having conversations with another artist who is a mutual friend and multi-talented. He was making these ridiculously fresh paintings and vector-based illustrations of both historical figures and his folks and branding them all with the concept “FEARLESS”. i inquired about his creative process and he said he used photography to get his friend’s pictures and sourced photographs online for the historical figures. Light bulbs went bananas..and i pitched a collaboration that used my portrait photography and our collective peeps to create a visual “mixtape” in the similar vein of the classic Hip Hop aesthetics of the 80s and 90s. The artist i’m speaking about is none other than Adrian Franks and if you know this cat, you know he was all over this idea and started going places with it i didn’t even see.


So over some drinks and laughs, we plotted out the Fearless Mixtape that we shot in my studio and his studio in October 2012, back when Sandy was John Travolta’s girlfriend in Grease and not a hurricane… It’s been a minute and we are due to release it this summer. It’s another one of those works in progress that i am living to share.


Credits: Fearless Cover portrait is artist Chris Curry |digital

Bottom portrait is artist Adrian Franks | Ilford ISO 50

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