EXPOSED closing-post card v.4

EXPOSED has two more dates of viewing in the Sweet Lorraine Gallery.

On Friday March 28th from 2pm-8pm and Sunday March 30th from 2pm – 8pm.

On Sunday from 2pm to 4pm, we will have a lite brunch for Collectors + Curators. Please RSVP if you are interested.


 Kamau Z. Akabueze – ARTIST STATEMENT
I have read many articles about the pros and cons of traveling alone – the personal and logistic challenges associated with flying solo in a foreign land. While the authors make compelling, instinctive, and well researched points, I feel that they are missing a much deeper narrative.
“Wide Awake” is an exploration of that depth. Shot entirely with wide and ultrawide angle lenses, the series of landscape portraits attempts to join, in a single frame, all of the various travel companions that I encounter on my solo expeditions. From the sand and fog to the sea and summits, I never feel the least bit alone.
“Ağaç” for example, is the result of over two hours spent at the peak of a mountain in the Nevşehir region of Turkey where I was surrounded by warm whipping winds, the setting sun, the subtle peaks off in the horizon, and a single naked tree that taught me more lessons about life, love and fortune, than I have gleaned from any animate object in my lifetime.
My goal with this series is to place the viewer alongside me, and elicit a curiosity about environment, season, smells, mood, and more.
To ignite the imagination.
To encourage an adventurous spirit.
To inspire exploration of self – the most profound travel partner one could hope to know.



Celestial     adj. positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space

We inhabit the earth which inhabits the solar system so we too are creatures of the stars, living and breathing in space. Celestial. We are beauty. Divine. Fragile. Able to move beyond the edge of identity and be one with the stuff elements are made of…

“Celestial” is the first score from my Portrait In Parts Collection – an evolving suite of images that sum up the identity of my subjects without revealing their face. The collection is inquisitive about comfort within one’s own skin and the silent negotiation between the sense of self and aspiration. The collection has two main movements. Portraiture that represents parts that define us. Landscapes which work against individuality and illustrate common forms and universal design.

The seven images in this exhibition can be read sequentially in either direction to present a narrative of solar dimensions. There is a presence of design my work is seeking to explore through time spent with each image. It may reveal itself slowly or not at all. The titles are suggestions, invitations to see one possible interpretation of the human form as the extension and support of the earth’s surface.