Black Gotham: OSWS

Black Gotham is a passionate love project. At it’s essence is a series of walking tours that trace the lives of Africans living in Lower Manhattan from 1623 to 1898. These tours are organized into three sequential stories that will also be released as digital books that correspond to the tours. The first walking tour is the Other Side of Wall Street or OSWS.

This tour begins in Foley Square at the Triumph of the Human Spirit monument across from the Thurgood Marshall Court House. This tour sketches out the lives of the first Africans arriving in a pre-colonial city, which is the beginning of the three part series. The story follows Africans living through the days of New Amersterdam, under the Dutch, and through the colonial days of New York City under the English. This is a 90 minute tour and the book is in it’s early developmental phases.

When the first digital book OSWS is available along with the walking tour, Black Gotham will be the flagship project for myself and storystyle. Black Gotham is the only project i have undertaken that has enough moving parts to need it’s on web site and team. Stay tuned.

The relaunch is scheduled for July 27th 2013.



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