Bed Stuy Story :: photographer + curator

My current exploration into storystyle photography is two engaging exercises in one. It is Bed Stuy Story, which i curate and participate in as a photographer. It started as both an open call and a tight curatorial process which led me to some amazing photographers – all fantastic storytellers. You can read more about this exhibition+archive project here.

There are three pieces i have added to the show that i felt was missing from the first collection, which were images of the night and morning. What i came up with are three images titled black and white, Ghost, and Speed Law v.1. black and white is featured above and you can see Ghost (et. al.) on Warehouse Gallery but i wanted to present the Speed Law series in full here because only v.1 made it into the exhibition. Btw, the Speed Law reference is inspired by a song by Mos Def AKA Yasiin Bey titled Speed Law off his first solo album Black on Both Sides.

kw-BSS-Speed Law v.1-online BSS-kw-Speed Law v.2-online BSS-kw-Speed Law v.3-online BSS-kw-Speed Law v.4-online BSS-kw-Speed Law v.5-online BSS-kw-Speed Law v.6-online

This series was shot with the Canon AE1 on Neo Pan ISO 400 film. The images were created in the light room after the negatives were processed.

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